How It Works

As Easy as 1, 2, 3:

DOWN JOHN™ is a 3-part septic system treatment that will increase biological activity by countering the harmful effects of soaps and bleaches. It will reduce the need for pumping by removing sludge, dissolving grease, eliminating odor, cleaning the whole system, and lateral lines.

DOWN JOHN™ starts working immediately. Any grease cap and odor is gone in days. Backed up or blocked systems are working again in 2 - 4 weeks with leach field operational. Accumulated sludge will be gone in 4 – 8 weeks depending on its depth.

Dosage: One DOWN JOHN™ pack will treat a septic system up to 1,000 gallons. Larger tanks will require more than one pack, one pack per 1,000 gallons or part thereof.




Pack 1:   8 oz. carbon powder
Pack 2:   2 fl. oz. bacteria blend (brown)
Pack 3:   1.5 oz. white enzyme powder


Day One: Open the polythene bag and flush the carbon down the toilet. It may require two flushes and a brushing.

Day Two: Open the small plastic bottle containing the brown liquid and flush the contents down the toilet.

Day Three : Open the small plastic bottle containing the white powder and flush the contents down the toilet.

Repeat this treatment each year at the same time for optimal results. Note: Re-treat if the septic system is unused for 30 days. Do not put brake fluid or antifreeze in the system.