DOWN JOHN Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How does DOWN JOHN™ Septic Tank Treatment work inside my septic tank and septic system?

2. Will DOWN JOHN™ clear my lateral lines and affect the drain field? After application, will I still get solids clogging my pipes and being deposited on to the drain field?

3. How soon will DOWN JOHN™ start to work? Will I see bubbles?

4. Do septic tank additives really work? Has DOWN JOHN™ Septic Tank Treatment been scientifically tested?

5. I have water flooding. What does this mean?

6. My leach field is flooded. What is causing this?

7. If I have two or more bathrooms, do I need a treatment pack for each one?

8. Is DOWN JOHN™ suitable for commercial as well as residential use?

9. Will DOWN JOHN™ work to unclog my toilet if my house is on the city sewage system?

10. My home has been vacant for 1 year. Can I use DOWN JOHN™ in my septic system? What if I am gone for 2 months? What should I do?

11. Can DOWN JOHN™ handle large groups of people using multiple toilets?

12. If I use your DOWN JOHN™ Septic Tank Treatment product, will I still need to have my septic system pumped out?

13. Will DOWN JOHN™ dissolve toilet paper, paper towels, tampons or wipes? Dental floss?

14. Will DOWN JOHN™ stir up the separated components and clog my field?

15. Does DOWN JOHN™ contain hydrogen peroxide that actually kills bacteria and harms the environment?

16. Are DOWN JOHN™ components safe to handle and be around?

17. Can your DOWN JOHN™ Septic Tank Treatment product be used in plastic and concrete tanks?

18. How often should DOWN JOHN™ be reapplied?

19. My septic system has a cesspool. Will DOWN JOHN™ be effective there?

20. Can I continue using bleach, anti-bacterial soaps or other cleaners with DOWN JOHN™?

21. I’m trying to unclog frozen lines leading to my drain field. Can DOWN JOHN™ be used in subzero temperatures when some lines are possibly frozen?

22. Can DOWN JOHN™ be used in a dog waste septic systems?

23. I have applied your DOWN JOHN™ Septic Tank Treatment product. Is that it? What else do I do to maintain my septic tank and septic system?

24. I have applied DOWN JOHN™ but the system still does not appear to be clearing. What else could be going on?

25. I have just had my system pumped out. How long should I wait before applying DOWN JOHN™?

26. Is the DOWN JOHN™ product shelf stable for more than one year?

27. Does product age affect its performance?

28. DOWN JOHN™ treats a standard 1000 gallon tank. My tank is 1750 gallons. I applied 2 packs. For yearly maintenance, do I still need to apply two?

29. DOWN JOHN™ seems to be more expensive than other similar ones on the market. Why would I want to spend $69 for a septic tank treatment?

30. What evidence do you have that treatment one-a-year is enough and will prevent problems?

31. If the tank is full, does it need to be cleaned out first before using this to unclog the lines?

32. Can the product be added directly to the tank rather than being flushed?

33. I started using DOWN JOHN™ even though I haven’t had any major symptoms. How do I know it’s working?