How Down John Works in Your Septic System

DOWN JOHN™ works throughout your septic system. The treatment starts working immediately, any grease cap and odor is gone in days, backed up or blocked systems are working again in 2 - 4 weeks with leach field operational, accumulated sludge will be reduced in 4 – 8 weeks depending on its depth.

Here is an outline of how DOWN JOHN™ works throughout your whole septic system and transforms the makeup of the septic system as shown from Before and After diagrams:

Inlet Line from House


  • Human waste and paper.
  • Cleaning chemicals.
  • Soaps and detergents.
  • Used antibiotics, medicines.

Chamber 1

  • Grease scum is removed by the white enzymes.
  • The carbon removes chemicals that would kill the needed bacteria. Chlorine, detergents, antibiotics, etc.
  • The carbon has a large surface for bacteria growth.
  • The upper effluent contains oxygenated flush water and nitrifies ammonia to nitrates. Hydrogen sulfide gas is oxidized to sulfur dioxide, both give odor elimination.
  • Specialized bacteria fix the nitrogen in their cell walls during their massive reproduction.
  • As oxygen is used up the effluent becomes anaerobic and favors de-nitrification of nitrates to nitrogen gas.
  • Sulfur eating bacteria convert sulfides and sulfates to elemental sulfur. Cellulose (toilet paper) is dissolved.
  • Phosphates are converted to free phosphorus.
  • The sludge (BOD) is dissolved and eventually gone.

Chamber 2

  • The grease scum is dissolved by the white enzymes.
  • Suspended carbon maintains a large population of healthy bacteria, feeding on nutrients in the tank.
  • The oxygen level is very low and anaerobic bacteria continue to remove noxious gases and fix nitrogen in their bacteria cellular material. The sludge is dissolved.

Outlet Line to Leach Field

  • The effluent contains billions of anaerobic bacteria which clean and keep the lines clear of sludge build up.
  • The effluent has valuable nutrients as fixed nitrogen, free phosphorus and sulfur, a great fertilizer.
  • The effluent is odor free and will not back up.

DOWN JOHN™ Contents

Pack 1: Carbon Powder –
A high surface area carbon like material that removes household chemicals, bleach, detergents and soaps that normally kill off the septic tank bacteria. It also provides an excellent matrix for improved bacterial growth and the result is long lasting and improved septic system performance.

Pack 2: Bacteria Blend (brown liquid) –
A safe, proprietary bacteria blend that colonizes the tank and provides constant waste digestion.

Pack 3: White Enzyme Powder –
A high activity enzyme that will dissolve any grease that has built up in the tank.