What is DOWN JOHN and How Does it Work?

DOWN JOHN™ … a 3 part Septic Treatment!

DOWN JOHN™ is a revolutionary 3 part treatment for anaerobic septic systems and needs only to be added once a year. The 12 oz. kit contains 3 packs, to be flushed down the toilet into the septic tank, on 3 consecutive days.


Pack 1:   8 oz. carbon-like powder
Pack 2:   2 fl. oz. bacteria blend (brown)
Pack 3:   1.5 oz. white enzyme powder

One 3 part package of DOWN JOHN™ will treat up to a 1,000 gallon septic system. 

As Easy as 1, 2, 3

Pack 1 contains a high surface area carbon like material that removes household chemicals, bleach, detergents and soaps that normally kill off the septic tank bacteria. It also provides an excellent matrix for improved bacterial growth and the result is long lasting and improved septic system performance.

Pack 2 is a safe, proprietary bacteria blend that colonizes the tank and provides constant waste digestion.

Pack 3 contains a white powder, a high activity enzyme that will dissolve any grease that has built up in the tank.


Day One: Open the polythene bag and flush the carbon down the toilet.  It may require two flushes and a brushing.

Day Two: Open the small plastic bottle containing the brown liquid and flush the contents down the toilet.

Day Three: Open the small plastic bottle containing the white powder and flush the contents down the toilet.

Repeat this treatment each year at the same time for optimal results. Note: Re-treat if the septic system is unused for 30 days. Do not put brake fluid or antifreeze in the system.

What DOWN JOHN™ Does

DOWN JOHN™ will increase biological activity by countering the harmful effects of soaps and bleaches. It will reduce the need for pumping by removing sludge, dissolving grease, eliminating odor, cleaning the whole system, and lateral lines.

DOWN JOHN™ starts working immediately. Any grease cap and odor is gone in days. Backed up or blocked systems are working again in 2 - 4 weeks with leach field operational. Accumulated sludge will be reduced in 4 – 8 weeks depending on its depth.

DOWN JOHN™ Results

After DOWN JOHN™ treatment the septic system will be free of sludge and grease blockages, odor will be eliminated and lateral lines cleared, improving leach field absorption and preventing back up.

DOWN JOHN™ Revives

DOWN JOHN™ revives blocked and struggling septic systems and also increases capacity in overload situations. The ingredients are safe to handle and one pack will treat a septic system up to 1,000 gallons capacity for one year.

Forget the inconvenience of monthly treatment, and get better results for $69.00 a year, that is less than half the annual cost of other treatments.

Where DOWN JOHN™ Has Been Sold

DOWN JOHN™ has been sold direct to households, farms, bed-n-breakfasts and offices for over 18 years with tens of thousands of satisfied customers all across the United States. Improved, odor free septic system performance has saved hundreds of dollars for many in pump-out costs and some have saved thousands in avoiding major system repairs.