DOWN JOHN Benefits

There are a many benefits to using DOWN JOHN™. Here are the core ones:


DOWN JOHN™ is half the cost of most commonly used bacteria septic tank treatment products. Because it is added just once per year, there is also the cost savings of not needing to drive to the store and keeping it on the shelf for following treatments, as with other products.


DOWN JOHN™ is applied once a year. This is a major benefit because you don’t have to remember to treat your system each month. With other septic tank treatment products, if you forget one or two treatments then any benefit is lost and the septic system will begin to clog again, back up and generate odorous gases.

The once per year treatment with DOWN JOHN™ ensures continuing digestion activity until your next scheduled treatment in 12 months.

Environment Enhancement

The DOWN JOHN™ treatment has many environmental benefits. First, it has been shown to capture nutrients and produce fixed organic nitrogen, convert phosphates into phosphorus and sulfide gas into free sulfur. All of these mean the effluent is an excellent fertilizer going into your leach field.

Also, measurements show that the generation of methane and carbon dioxide, both greenhouse gases, are reduced and sequestered as fixed carbon in living organic material. In an 18 day test, gas emissions were measured. The methane emission was reduced by 94% and carbon dioxide by 73%.

Other environmental benefits include the elimination of nitrates, improved air quality and protection to our water ways. Read more about DOWN JOHN™’s environmental benefits.


The DOWN JOHN™ pack contains everything your septic system needs for trouble free operation. The chemicals that kill bacteria are removed by the carbon. Also, the high surface area of the carbon provides plenty of growing sites for new bacterial growth and also provides a food source and micronutrients.

The result is a stable, sewage digestion environment in you septic tank that will continue to work for over a year.

Cost Savings

With DOWN JOHN™ there is less frequent pumping, possibly saving a major leach field replacement. A pump-out usually runs $400-600 and leach field replacement can be 10 times that.

Also the cost saving of monthly treatments, buying, shipping and storing other treatments.

Ease of Use

To apply DOWN JOHN™ just flush each component down the toilet once a day for 3 days. Flush the black carbon down first and leave the other 2 small bottles on top of the cistern. Flush the brown liquid the second day and the white enzyme powder down the third day.  Easy as 1,2,3.

Safe to Use

No dangerous chemicals. All of the DOWN JOHN™ ingredients occur in nature and have been used by people for over 20 years. They are safe to handle and effective in their result.