How to Subscribe & Save with DOWN JOHN™

Here at DOWN JOHN, we’re all about making septic system care as easy and efficient as possible.

Because, let’s be honest; it’s tough to remember to do anything these days, especially if it's only once a year like our low-fuss septic treatment system!

To make your treatments as simple and seamless as possible, we offer an annual subscription service. When you sign up for DOWN JOHN Subscribe & Save, we'll automatically ship your treatment kit to your door, right on schedule for your yearly re-treatment... Plus, you'll SAVE 20% OFF every year!

In this guide, we'll explain our easy-to-navigate Customer Portal, plus cover the Purchase, Billing, & Shipment processes. We'll also outline how to re-treat your septic tank every year, and answer some common FAQs about this handy Auto-Renew program. Let's jump right in...


By selecting an annual subscription, you automatically save 20% on your entire subscription, every single delivery.

Signing up is quick and easy! All you have to do is head over to the Buy DOWN JOHN page on our website. To set up the auto-ship service and claim your 20% discount, select the 'Subscribe & save (20%)' option and follow the prompts to enter your info. It should look like this:

At checkout, the billing information you enter will be the same billing info used to charge you automatically every year, and the shipping address you enter is where your DOWN JOHN kit will be mailed to when re-treatment time rolls around.

Don't worry - You can always edit your shipping and billing details at any time in the future. We'll cover how to easily make those adjustments in more detail a bit further down. 

We currently accept all major Debit or Credit Cards as payment methods, and you can choose between free shipping or an expedited rush delivery (in case you have an urgent septic situation on your hands!)

After subscribing, you’ll receive a link to set up your very own Customer Portal. Next, we'll cover how to get around on your DOWN JOHN subscription dashboard once you're all signed in.

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The Customer Portal is your one-stop source of account information, where you can view and edit any aspect of your DOWN JOHN subscription. You can only access your account using the Manage Subscriptions link in your Subscription Activation email or through future Upcoming Order emails.

Here's what the main page looks like: 

This Customer Portal is your password-protected Account dashboard. Let's take a look around at what you can do here within the 6 tabs:


Click on the 'Home' tab to display your next order billing & shipping date, as well as information regarding your most recent order.


The 'Subscriptions' page displays all the details of your active annual subscriptions. This includes the quantity of kits in your Auto-Renew subscription, the date of the next Auto-Ship, the frequency of your Auto-Ships, as well as your Shipping and Billing information. From here, you can also choose to skip your next order or cancel your subscription altogether.

 Upcoming Orders

Click on the 'Upcoming Orders' tab to check the status of any orders scheduled to be charged and shipped to you within 30 days.

 Purchase History

Here's where you'll find all the past orders in your subscription listed.

 Shipping Addresses

The 'Shipping Addresses' page displays your current Auto-Renew subscription's shipping address. In other words, this is the address that we will send your DOWN JOHN treatment to every year. If you move and would like to continue your subscription, you can also edit your shipping address here.

 Payment Methods

Your 'Payment Methods' page is a secure hub that displays your current Auto-Renew subscription billing information. In other words, the card listed here is the payment method your Auto-Renew shipment will be charged to. This is also the where you can edit your payment information if needed.

Please Note: If your card expires or your billing address changes, you'll need to update the new details here as your Auto-Renew will not charge or ship until you do so. To avoid any interruptions to your treatment schedule, please update your card information in this section of the portal. If you forget to update your card information, we'll send you an email notification letting you know we were unable to process payment, and your Auto-Renew will not ship until it is updated.

Need some assistance? Just give us a call on 888-529-9001 and we'll be happy to help.


Once you’ve selected Subscribe & Save, your payment information is securely stored in our system and your annual payment will be automatically processed. You will be charged for your first treatment of DOWN JOHN as soon as you finish checkout, and your first treatment will be shipped right away. You will receive an email three days before your next bill is due which would be 362 days after your previous payment. You will receive an additional email once your recurring payment is processed, which would be 365 days after your previous payment.

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Once your Auto-Renew payment has been successfully processed, your annual treatment will be automatically shipped - you don’t have to remember to do anything! You'll receive email updates with tracking information once your order has been shipped and delivered, plus when you’re due for another treatment. We recommend treating your septic system with DOWN JOHN the day you receive your Auto-Ship order.

how to Re-Treat Your Septic System next time:

Re-treating your septic system next time with Subscribe & Save is simple! The annual treatment protocol is the same every year.

Inside your kit, you’ll find 3 separate packs. Over the course of 3 consecutive days, just flush each day's corresponding pack down the toilet into your septic tank - no special skills or tools required!

When these 3 components are applied one day after another, the special ingredients in each pack kickstart a biochemical chain reaction that powerfully builds to achieve perfect harmony in your septic system.

To learn more about the easy 3-step process, head to our Ultimate Guide to Treating Your Septic System with DOWN JOHN below:

subscribe & save program faqs

Below are answers to some common queries we come across. If you still have questions after reading this, you can find more information on our general FAQs Page or reach out to us at

 Can I change my DOWN JOHN auto-ship shipping address?

Yes, you can easily update your shipping address for your auto-renew subscription in your customer portal under 'Shipping Addresses'. To edit your CURRENT shipping address, click on it and then click the ‘Edit shipping address’ button that appears. To add a NEW shipping address, simply click on the ‘Add shipping address’ button.

 Can I change my DOWN JOHN billing information?

Yes, you can definitely change your billing information for your auto-ship subscription in your customer portal under Payment methods. To edit your current billing information, click on the card and then click the ‘Edit payment method’ button that appears. To add multiple payment methods, click on the ‘Add new payment method’ button.

 Can I use Subscribe & Save for multiple treatments at the same address?

Absolutely! You can subscribe to as many treatments as you’d like during your first checkout. You can also update the amount of auto-renew treatments at a later date. To do this, head to your customer portal and click Subscriptions → Active Subscriptions → DOWN JOHN → Quantity → Select the number of treatments → Update quantity.

 Can I send DOWN JOHN as a gift, or have it auto-shipped to multiple different addresses?

You certainly can! If you want to gift a subscription, have multiple properties, etc., you can setup auto-renew to different addresses. In your customer portal, click Shipping addresses → Add shipping address. Once here, add the new shipping address. After that, click Subscriptions → Add Product → DOWN JOHN. Once there, select the new shipping address from the dropdown menu and complete the ordering process.

 Do you offer auto-ship solutions for Realtors, Multiple Property Owners, and Developers?

Certainly. You can auto-ship DOWN JOHN to as many addresses as you’d like under the same customer portal. To do this, login to your customer portal and click Shipping addresses → Add shipping address. Once here, add the new shipping address. After that, click Subscriptions → Add Product → DOWN JOHN. Once there, select the new shipping address from the dropdown menu and complete the ordering process.

 Can I cancel my DOWN JOHN subscription?

We'll be sad to see you go! If the need arises that you have to cancel your DOWN JOHN subscription, head to your customer portal and click Subscriptions → Active Subscriptions → DOWN JOHN. Scroll down to the bottom and select the ‘Cancel subscription’ link.

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